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Friday, 16 September 2011

Making Memories Magnetic Stamp Alphabets

Hi folks. Summer holidays are over, back to work....and more importantly crafting!! I'm on the hunt for the "Evolution" font alphabet stamps set from Making Memories Magnetic stamp Alphabets. Unfortunately this system has been  discontinued. Anybody have a set the don't use and want to sell? Or do you know where there is discontinued stock??


  1. I should have left the comment here.....I can send you the books if you want? I sent heavenly 3 of them.
    Hugz, Zandra

  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Making-Memories-Magnetic-Alphabet-Numbers-Punctuation-Magnetic-Holder-/320772097034?pt=UK_Crafts_RubberStamping_RL&hash=item4aaf81c40a#ht_500wt_949

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  4. Hi Steven
    Were you able to get the Evolution Stamp Set from Ebay?

  5. Was keeping an eye on it but too much going on at present completely forgot about it!! Thanks though

  6. One Crafy Mama online had it, but when I went back and checked, it now says "out of stock."